Nice to Meet You

Just another chick with a camera…

I’m Wendy and have been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a career. I have a romantic and natural approach to photography whether it’s photographing families, engagements, or weddings. I photograph with top of the line Nikon gear but I completely believe that it is not the gear that makes a photographer, but the knowledge and style that one brings. Specializing in wedding photography gives me a chance to photograph what I love seeing the most. People in love.

Aside from being behind the camera, my life revolves around my faith, family, and friends. I am based in Oklahoma and the best thing I ever did was marry my first love. We are the parents to an adventurous 6 year old boy and the sweetest girl. Faith is a huge part of my life and it is in everything I do. I come from a background of diversity and love exploring and experiencing the world around me. Photography has given me the outlet to meet so many amazing people. Storytelling is my specialty and I can’t wait to tell yours!

If life is worth living, then it's worth recording.

XOXO – Wendy Bobarikin

You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.

Photography by: Katie Hadley Photography

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